African Undersea Cables


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Submarine Cables carry more than 80% of all overseas voice, fax and Internet communications. About 99% of all transoceanic Internet data is sent via undersea cables. They offer better efficiency, reliability and security than satellites. They are one the key factor for the development of the INTERNET. Although the cables are currently expanding in Africa, but there are  lot of work to do.

In this post I will share with you an overview of the current African Undersea Cables done  by  Steve Song on his blog. He was updated in August 2015. Please follow the link below  :

African Undersee cables

In the worldwide level you have the map of provided by TeleGeography that is a telecommunications market research and consulting firm. They conduct in-depth research, compile large data sets, and present this information clearly in online reports and databases that is available on this link

TeleGeography website

The map of the cables is available on

Submarine cable map

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African Undersea Cables

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